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-Lisa's three-part French documentary series on the history of the relationship between England and France, "Tendres Rivales" was screened on Arte in France and Germany in June and will soon be appearing in the UK.

-Lisa will be giving a talk on her book "Queens Consort" on October 11th at the Tower of London, at 6.45pm, with a drinks reception starting at 6.15 pm. For information, contact: Rosemary.Bullimore@hrp.org.uk

-Lisa appears as an expert in eight episodes of Proper Television's "Secret Life ", currently screening in Canada, and to be shown on Yesterday TV in the UK from January. She is also currently filming "Museum Secrets" for Kensington TV at Versailles and appearing in back2back's "Royals" series, filming in November.

-Lisa's new novel, "Wolves in Winter" will be published by Corvus on November 1st:

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February 25th 2012

-"Richard III and Elizabeth of York: Love, Incest and Honour in Dynastic Politics".

-Lisa will be lecturing to the London branch of the Richard III society at the Senate House, Bloomsbury Square, London

7th March 2012

-Lisa will be lecturing at the British Institute, Florence:

"The Theft of Cupid: Cesare Borgia and Patronage in Renaissance Florence"
Cesare Borgia is one of the most flamboyant, controversial, maligned and misunderstood figures of the Italian Renaissance. His reputation as a debauched murderer is more than deserved; nonetheless he was considered by Machiavelli as one of the great masters of statecraft of the age, and his contentious relationship with the Florentine republic was crucial to the political and artistic development of the city during one of the most volatile periods of its history, that of the French wars at the end of the fifteenth century. Drawing on both primary sources and the latest contemporary scholarship, historian and biographer Lisa Hilton will discuss Borgia's unique role in Florence's destiny, illuminating the consequences of his policies for the city, and the Medici as well as his relationships with Machiavelli, Michelangelo and Leonardo, investigating the truth behind the Borgia legend and revealing Cesare as one of the most significant leaders and patrons of his age.

16/08/2011 Lisa's new biography "The Horror of Love" will be published by Weidenfeld and Nicholson on 8th November 2011. Her second novel, the first of her Italian Renaissance trilogy "Wolves in Winter" will be published by Corvus in April 2012.

Lisa will be working on two new television projects this autumn.

Lisa will be lecturing for the NAFDAS foundation in Ely on "Women, Art and Patronage at the Court of Louis XIV". On 13th November she will be taking part in the study day for the Richard III society in Norwich, where she will speak on Ann Neville and Marguerite d'Anjou

Lisa Hilton's first novel "The House with the blue shutters", will be published today by Corvus. For more info here's the Corvus website.

Lisa wrote and presented "Why they bite" for BBC3.
Watch it here.

28/08/2009 Blackwell Podcast

Listen to Lisa talking about Queens Consort here.

04/05/2009 New Contract
Lisa has just signed a new two-book contract with Weidenfeld and Nicolson and is working on her fourth book "The Horror of Love".

01/04/2009 Links to Lisa's Spectator pieces