David Starkey makes error

Posted on by Lisa Hilton

I'm not sure I'm getting this. Blogging is supposed to help my career, apparently. So, today, I discovered that David Starkey made an avoidable error in his book "Elizabeth" regarding her having taken the eucharist at her coronation- she did in fact take it, contrary to the 1907 account Starkey relied on. Yay.  In other news, I'm planning to make yet another humiliating call to a nice man called Lee in the accounts department at the Daily Mail to chase up an invoice for £250 for a book review which has been outstanding since August. An exciting new kick boxing studio has opened across the road from my flat. I walked up Bond Street from the London Library and felt glum because all my clothes are hideous and I can't afford any new ones. There's only so much one can do with a grey marl Topshop sweat shirt and a pair of Sandro leather trousers from 2009. Clearly I am doomed to be the Liz Jones of the history world.

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