Wolves in Winter

Orphaned by the Spanish Inquisition, Mura Benito is sold as a slave in fifteenth century Florence. Discovered in the Medici Palace by the alchemist Marcello Ficino, Mura learns that her magical heritage makes her a precious prize, but the French invasion of the city sends her to Forli, as the servant of Caterina Sforza, the notoriously beautiful and promiscuous "Lioness of the Romagna".

Besieged by Cesare Borgia, Mura and her mistress play a tense game of treachery...

Stretching from Toledo to Rome, "Wolves in Winter" is a vividly researched historical drama of love, betrayal and witchcraft.

Lisa's new novel 'The Stolen Queen" will be published by Corvus in 2013.